English Libros Book Fairs

English Libros Book Fairs

English Libros goal is to take your students on an adventure through books, to faraway places, the future and past, through the vastness of imagination, to open the door for journeys of the mind and spirit and to new heights of literacy.

English Libros “Book Fair” offers an excellent way for students, parents and teachers to see a multitude of books in a store-like setting, right on your own doorstep.

Our titles range from the classics to the hottest new releases. Each fair is custom packed to suit your needs and interests, We also have a large selection of C.D’s and D.V.D’s, these can be valuable resources to aid in comprehension as well as understanding grammar and language rules.

Our staff have over 40 years experience in children’s education and have a great passion and knowledge for seeing pupil development.

Your school benefits from the Book Fair too, every book sold at your Fair can help to get free books for your school. Up to 50% off with your first Book Fair!! Please contact us today for further details.

We don’t just want to visit your school 2 or 3 times a year with the book fairs, English Libros want to form partnerships with your school and the way we do this is by offering a “Book Club”, this means every month your students can view through the book club a selection of books to choose from. Access to the book club is through our web site www.englishlibros.com the students will find it very easy to navigate and payment can be made on line, it couldn’t be easier.