English Libros Book Club

English Libros Book Club

Having a book club is a great way to reinforce and expand upon the English the students have been taught in the classroom.

Each month students will be able to browse their schools very own “Book Club” and see a great selection of fiction, non-fiction and educational books.

The student will be able to purchase on-line and make payment, the book will then be delivered to the school for collection.

It is vital that children are encouraged to read from an early age, English Libros want to encourage your students to read books, habits formed at an early age will stay with them for a lifetime, the “Book Club” gives them that opportunity.

The book club will be fun and packed with competitions, prizes, short story competitions, jokes and quizzes.

We will be only too happy to meet you and discuss in more detail how the “Book Club” operates, so please contact us today.

Start your very own book club today.