About English Libros

John Young runs English Libros

Welcome to the English Libros web site, my name is John Young. I moved to Spain in 2002 with my family and live in the beautiful City of Elche. My own son has been educated in Spain and is able to speak Spanish perfectly which in his early years, was helped by the use of Spanish reading books.

It is this that inspired and encouraged me to create English Libros and offer something back to the Spanish educational system and it's students, who study English. English is one of the three main global languages used in the world today, not only for everyday life but also in the business world. Increasing your students’ English skills will open up doors of opportunities and certainly enrich their lives.

So please take a look at our web site and help to give the students of today an opportunity to improve their English in preparation for tomorrow’s world.

Note to parents: Sharing books and listening to what your children say about them shows your children that you care about them, you care about what they think and who they are.